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Kanjurmarg StationWelcome to the Kanjur Marg Blog! This is a blog about Kanjur Marg, by a Kanjur Marg resident.

Kanjur Marg, a suburb in the North Eastern Mumbai area. A saturated mixture of elites, taporis, idiots and geniuses. Most of the guys hang out in the evening at their favourite watering heel and enjoy their favourite sport, birdwatching. The babes roam around some demure, others tease, still others flirt openly. Generally a very addictive place. A place to belong. With the arrival of new malls and residential plazas, it is attracting the cream of Mumbai. Within easy reach of IIT Powai, Hiranandani, Nirmal Lifestyles, R-Mall, Huma Mall, it has become the center of attraction to the builders.

Kanjur Marg boasts of a varied amalgamation of cultures. This blog is an attempt to let others know more about Kanjurwaasis. And also to prepare a common pltform for the Kanjur folk.

We have a group at Yahoo Groups which you can join by clicking here or sending an email to kanjur-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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